A Plumber or a Gas Engineer?

Who do we need for our plumging problem? A gas engineer or a plumber? That’s the question that each one of us asks when there’s a problem with our central heating, boiler issues, clogged drain, or a leak.

When will a plumber be useful?

plumber in Romford will repair any leak, unclog a drain, take care of any problems with the central heating system, as well as any water appliances in your house, such as: unvented hot water cylinder, vented cylinder, water cylinder, and etc. In order for a plumber to undertake some jobs, he/she must have the right qualifications in order to ensure our safety. Those jobs include unvented water cylinder, disinfection of water installation, as well as all water pressure installations.

How about a gas engineer?

We’ll need a gas engineer in Romford in order to undertake any repairs or fix any gas appliances such as a boiler, fireplace, water heaters, hob, heaters, etc. A gas engineer is a highly qualified and experienced plumber, who can take care of any problems regarding plumbing in your house. A gas engineer will also charge more than a plumber, however, for those prices, we can be certain of our safety and that his/her job has been done according to Gas Safe and building regulations, which is what we usually want.