Frequent Plumbing Problems in our House

Clogged Drain

Plumbing problems arise in every household. These can happen due to an old age of the pipe installation or the job not being properly done by a plumber during house renovation. The clogged drain is the most common problem, especially in sink, basin, toilets, baths, as well as showers. Wrongly fitted drain pipes by the plumber is a common problem of a drain pipe blockage. Other causes for blocked drain pipes are as follows: too small pipe diameter, small flow, or sharp bends.

You can try to unclog the drain by yourself by the use of chemicals intended for the job, e.g. caustic soda, one shot, or you can use a spring spiral. Remember, if you are unable to do the job yourself then call an emergency plumber as, if not done properly, it can cause more serious problems such as flooding of the house, and result in even bigger costs. Romford Emergency Plumber will be able to do this job for you professionally and safely.

Leaking Tap

leaking tap is one of the most frustrating problems as it means that we have to pay bigger water bills. The cause of it can be minimal, such as a loose gasket. However, sometimes the cause can be more complicated, requiring an emergency plumber attending the job. Sometimes it may be necessary to buy a new tap.

Radiator Bleeding

A radiator may need bleeding if it’s cold at the top and warm at the bottom, meaning that it will have problems heating up the room, can result in dampness, and awful smells. It is worth remembering that the BTU of radiators is chosen according to the room size, meaning that it should heat up the whole room. An emergency plumber must be called in order to bleed a radiator as it’s a dangerous job and can result in burns and house flooding. After, or during radiator bleeding, water pressure must be filled up to seal in the central heating system, this is done automatically in vented systems.

Emergency Leaks

Fractured water pipes in walls or floors can result in expensive repairs. An emergency plumber must be called in such cases as they will arrive in minutes after the call. It’s not easy to locate the origin of the leak, especially when the whole wall or floor becomes wet from the leak. Sometimes it is necessary to fix a completely new pipe installation (which can mean huge repairs), it’s also worth remembering that a damp or wet wall can be the result of a much smaller problem, such as a screw or nail in the pipe, or lack of insulation (resulting in condensation).


A boiler is the most important appliance in our house, it heats up the water, as well as the central heating, underfloor heating, and heats up our house. For a boiler to work efficiently and safely, we have to perform a service on it every year, however, this does not mean that it will work without any problems. Sometimes it may be necessary to install a new boiler as a repair will be too costly and not worth it. In case of a boiler break down, we can’t repair it ourselves as it is a gas installation and requires professional qualifications and knowledge. During the burning of gas, an odourless and poisonous gas (CO2) is let out, meaning that in order to repair or service a boiler we must call a qualified and registered gas engineer in Romford with the right qualifications, who will service or repair the boiler according to the Gas Safe regulations, as well as perform a gas safety check in our house.

Trying to perform any repairs by yourself can result in worsening the problem and making it more expensive to repair, so sometimes it’s better to call an emergency plumber in Romford to take care of the job for us, who will repair any problem quickly, professionally, and safely.