How to avoid clogging the drain

A clogged sink (in the kitchen or bathroom), shower, bath, or even a toilet in Romford can be really frustrating and can happen to all of us. To prevent such problems, you should regularly perform a few simple steps that will save you many problems and expenses as you will not have to call a plumber.

In the kitchen, do not pour oil into drains as it accumulates in pipes from the inside and significantly reduces the diameter of the discharge pipe, which can sometimes cause an entire blockage. Do not throw food scraps down the sink, such as potatoes, rice, sauces etc. You can insert a protecting net in the kitchen sink which will stop many undesirable items falling into the drain and blocking it.

In the shower tray, bath, and sink, it is worth regularly, at least once a week, cleaning the siphon and getting rid of any hair, you should also make sure that items such as ear/cosmetic buds, hair clips, toothpaste lids, and etc do not fall in. Furthermore, avoid flushing things like tissues, paper towel, tampons, sanitary towels, and etc in the toilet.

Once a week, preferably before going to sleep, use a chemical drain pipe flusher – for example, pellets or gels; e.g. caustic soda. By following these steps your drain pipes will always work without any problems and you will not need to call an emergency plumber in Romford.

Always keep chemicals out of the reach of children and animals because they are very dangerous. Avoid inhaling the fumes. Before using chemicals please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on the leaflet.