Power Flushing

Power Flushing

Your central heating system may be in need of power flushing without you ever realising – which is why it’s not only important to know which signs to look for, but also to have experienced specialists on hand who can attend your property and who can help bring your heating back up to optimum code.

Central heating can, over time, have a habit of getting backed up with a variety of debris.  This may come from internal rust, dirt or even sludge that has built up from water and other by-products. The fact of the matter is, this sludge can be extremely detrimental to the performance of your boiler and your heating system in general – meaning that if you’re not at least considering carrying out an inspection from time to time, you may be running the risk of having to scrap your boiler and radiator network completely in the short term.  But what should you do to combat this?

When to Power Flush

Knowing when to power flush can be tricky, though it’s safe to say that if your heating system appears to be deteriorating or performing at a fraction of the speed and coverage it used to, interior sludge and debris may be to blame.  Central heating sludge can be extremely unpleasant as well as hugely damaging to a variety of pipes and fittings – which is why it is always recommended that you consult a plumbing and heating expert to help flush through your system to get everything removed.

We recommend calling an inspector in only when you experience issues with your heating system. So that potential damage and debris can be avoided in high amounts – this way, you are ensuring that you are advised by an expert whether or not to consider a power flush as it can take care of a minimal amount of build-up and can ensure that your home heating is ticking over at its absolute best. Its otherwise a good idea to consider power flushing to avoid the potential for your boiler to shut down completely – never a good thing in the middle of winter!

The Benefits of Power Flushing

There are more benefits to power flushing than just preventing dirt and debris from clogging things up.

From doing so you are ensuring any flow or circulation problems are dealt with thereby restoring the heat output from your radiators.

Not only that, power flushing has allowed the system, including the underfloor pipework, to be working good as new and effectively reducing pump failure problems such as removing aggressive water and treatment preventing further corrosion.

A good power flush from a reliable Romford plumber will ensure that the lifespan of your heating system is instantly extended – and what’s more, it’s less likely to head into breakdown territory any time soon. 

Those benefiting from a power flush will also report that radiators and boilers are less noisy and that radiators become much more efficient – which, of course, means a nice knock-on effect for savings on your energy bills from quarter to quarter.

Hotter heating means less time spent powering up and on – and we all need to save cash, sometimes!

The best part of it all is that the process is carried out in less than six hours, just from power flushing plus descaling all in one visit. Proving to be more effective than traditional flushing methods.

Other Things to Look For

If you’re still unsure whether or not a power flush is the right call, consider the following:

Are you experiencing noisier pipes and radiators than normal? 

Is your heating system sluggish to start or temperamental at best?

Are you experiencing radiator leaks and cloudy water from the taps up and down your home?

Are some radiators completely or partially cold?

Do the radiators need frequent bleeding?

Do your radiators have repeated pump failures or pin hole perforations?

If yes, it may be time for a good flush – and we are here to help you get your central heating back to the perfect standard you expect.

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