Leak Detection – Thermal Imaging

Leak Detection – Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is one of the most cost-effective ways to help with the investigation of leaks and cracks. Technology can now be used to look deeper into home piping than ever before, meaning that the potential for water ingress, flooding and damp can be stopped sooner rather than later. Thermal imaging cameras are used to look closely at hidden cracks and leaks. We can only see so much with our eyes! As professional tradespeople with years of experience in helping to fix water leaks, interior wall damage and troublesome damp, thermal imaging can help us to solve many problems for homeowners with efficiency and care. Leak detection has never been more straightforward!

How Thermal Imaging Works

Normal cameras can take pictures of what we can see, but thermal imaging cameras show us heat energy which we can feel.  Therefore, this energy can now be seen with the naked eye, helping us to understand where certain problems may be coming from before further investigation.  Thermal imaging cameras allow us to detect leaks and areas of concern over wide spaces.  Even the smallest of changes in temperature can be spotted and captured on film.  Our wide experience in the use of thermal imaging allows us to prevent problems from getting worse and to apply fixes as soon as we can.

Why Thermal Imaging?

There are many different ways to find leaks in the home, but thermal imaging is one of the simplest and cheapest.  It can not only find water leakage, but it can find structural cracks and other problems, too.  This means that it can be used to look for a variety of issues should there be a number of faults within your home.  Our team will make sure to use thermal imaging as a first resort during our investigations.  This means that we can find warm and damp areas of your home which are hard to spot as quickly as possible.  Thermal leak imaging allows us to look deep into your walls and piping without causing any damage.  It is, therefore, an option which is cheap, quick and hassle-free for both our engineers and our customers!

Thorough Leak Investigation

Our qualified and friendly team make sure to investigate all complaints and faults as fully as possible.  This means that we will make sure we put only the best tools to the test during the leak detection process.  Our aim is to find the cause of any plumbing or structural problems you may be facing and to fix the issue as soon as possible.  We understand that damp conditions and household repair can be a hassle!  It can also be expensive if left to build up, too.  Experiencing leaks, damp or other household damage?  Call our team of engineers and let us run a thermal imaging inspection of your home.  Finding the cause of problems now will save you money, time and energy months down the line.  Why let damage and decay build up?  We are all the professional help and advice you’ll need.

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We are local thermal imaging experts and we always take care to make sure you receive fast, thorough fixes for any plumbing problems you may be experiencing.  Thermal camera technology allows us to find faults quickly and to get to work for you sooner rather than later.  If you are suffering from damp conditions or would like a professional to help inspect your home, call us today on 07939558021.  You can also email us if you would like to, and we will contact you as soon as we possibly can.