General Plumbing

General Plumbing

Romford Emergency Plumbers supplies you with a professional plumber who does general plumbing, which is everything to do with water or drainage, such as taps and pipes, and if you have a problem with central heating, we will fix it too. Sinks, showers, toilets or kitchen, and anything else you want us to fix in your house, it’s not a problem for us. Whether it is a domestic or commercial issue, it’s not a problem for us! We will do it all. Just call us, the Romford Emergency Plumber is ready to send an engineer to you as soon as possible, without any delays. We know
how frustrating a problem with general plumbing can be, we will fix it as soon as possible for you. We will install cold and hot water tanks if required. We fix everything from inside your house, taps, showers, baths etc, as well as installing in your garden pipes or a garden tap. We will supply the parts needed for the simple or complex repairs for whatever problem with general plumbing you may have at your house, garden or commercial. We do it all, no matter how small or how big, how simple or how complex. We can install a new pipe installation for a new or old building.

Call us, we can do it!

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Romford Emergency Plumber offers repairs & installations:

  • Macerator

  • Pipework

  • Hot water immersion heater

  • Insinkerator Waste Disposal

  • Basin Taps  

  • Bath Taps

  • Kitchen Taps

  • Bath mixer

  • Shower mixer

  • Cold water tank

  • Power Flush

  • Legionella control

  • Cold water booster pump

  • Drain blocked

  • Toilet   

  • Toilet cistern

  • Basin  

  • Bath

  • Boiler repair

  • Boiler installation

  • Sink

  • Shower

  • Radiator

  • Expansion tank

  • Valves

  • Waste pipe   

  • Shower pump

  • Central heating

  • Central heating pump

  • Heating


Plumbing services:

Bath fiting, Pipe work, Boiler installations, Bath sink fiting, Shower mixer repair & installation, Toilet, Kitchen taps leaking fixing, Central heating system installation, Combination boiler repair & install, Immesion heater element replacement, Unvented hot water cylinder installations, Vented cylinder, Cold water tank replacement & disinfection, Toilet cistern leaking fixing, Cold water booster repair, Storage tank installation, Booster pump replacement, Toilet cistern replacement, Expansion cylinder fiting, Bath tap leaking repair, Shower pump replacement & fiting, Plumbing pipe work, Pipe leaking fixing, Sump pump installations, Weste pipe leaking repair, Blocked drainage, Manhole cleaning, Main stopcock replacement, Cold & hot water valve fixing, Insinkerator waste disposal install, Macerator replacement, Commercial macerators & waste pumps, Boiling water tap installation, Kitchen sink kettle install.