Essex Catering Services

We are very open and honest with our customers so we would not advise replacing any equipment if a repair would suffice. We have a fixed price list for most of the work we offer and any other work not covered is discussed before and the price agreed with you, the client.
Our catering service engineers have the ability to solve any gas problems, following your Gas Safety Report. For commercial kitchen equipment which is damaged beyond repair, we will guide and help you to get the best replacement, which will be of a high quality at an affordable price. We have been in this business for twenty years, so we only hire engineers with good training and expertise. We continue providing ongoing training for them which ensures they are kept up to date with any changes and new advances in the industry. 

From residential properties to commercial buildings, cafes, bars, and even local government offices our services are the best for private and business clients. We can guarantee you an excellent service. Try us today, and you will be more than happy with the outcome.
Contact us for all kinds of commercial equipment services such as:

  • Repairs of commercial kitchen equipment

  • Routine commercial kitchen equipment servicing

  • Certification

  • Gas interlock system

  • Service contracts

  • Kitchen equipment installation

commercial gas engineer in essex

We know that it is never easy to make the choice of which contractor to hire to perform your catering services, so we aim to make sure that we provide you with the best affordable service. The price that we state before starting work will not change unless there is some unexpected occurrence, so you can be sure that you receive what you are promised.
As the industry grows, the expectations of our customers and the expertise of our engineers are also growing alongside. So we offer a variety of other services apart from catering services that may not be listed on our website, so if you do not find what you are looking for on our website, please contact us for more details.

Gas Interlock Systems

Owing to the potential health hazards associated with the failure of a ventilation system, gas regulatory bodies have come up with mandatory gas interlock requirements which must be met before installing gas catering equipment in a commercial kitchen. Our engineers are qualified to meet these requirements; hence they are well equipped to fix all gas interlock system issues.
There are different types of gas interlock systems used in different kitchens, but we install only HSE recommended equipment. We have the expertise to handle any kind of major installations, ranging from single to multi-unit installation.

Gas Safety Inspection Certificate

In accordance with standard safety requirements, our catering services engineers can issue a Gas Safety Inspection Certificate and are thus legally recognized to work on your gas system within safety regulations. Also, as required, this certificate is renewed every year and is registered with Gas Safe which means you can trust us with your catering services, facility repairs, maintenance and installations of all kinds of gas interlock systems.
As required by the law and your insurer most times, we will provide the following for proper checks and approval:

  • Plant Commissioning and Service Record

  • Gas Installation Safety Report

  • Gas Safety Inspection

  • Gas testing and purging