A System Boiler or Combi?

What boiler would be the best for your house in Romford?

A system boiler is one that heats the central heating system, while a combi boiler is one that also heats up the water which flows to your taps. A system boiler does not heat up the water, meaning that an unvented hot water cylinder must be connected to it which is essentially a hot water tank.

A combi boiler heats up the water as it flows, meaning that it begins to heat up the water as soon as you turn the hot water on.

Both boilers, system and combi, are chosen according to the requirements of your house (depending on its size).

Combi boilers are usually intended for smaller houses in Romford, where the bathroom, kitchen, and boiler are close to each other. However, it’s important that hot water is not used by two people at the same time, meaning that combi boilers are best for houses with just 1 bathroom and kitchen. A combi boiler should be fitted into one of those rooms so that it is in close proximity to hot water taps. Otherwise, if the boiler is located far, then it would take a long time for the hot water to reach the tap.

For a larger house, with 2 or more bathrooms, and more than 3 residents, a system boiler would be the best option as it will be efficient, and the temperature will stay stable. It is also possible to use a circulation pump, which is essential for bigger installations. Thanks to extra circulation circuits, hot water will stay in the system where the temperature will be maintained, meaning that the water will not cool down and will be available as soon as you turn the tap on.

You will be advised by expert from Romford Emergency Plumber in choosing the boiler.

Central heating system repair

Nowadays we find newer and more complex central heating systems for our homes, which aim to improve the efficiency and reduce the costs of heating. One of these are high-efficiency condensing boilers in combination with solar panels and an unvented hot water cylinder. These systems are cost-effective and very efficient but in return are very complex and require highly skilled and experienced plumbers to perform the repairs. When choosing a plumber in Romford to repair your heating system, it is worth taking into consideration whether they are local and provide 24/7 services. Do not choose a pseudo-local business that has a website for each area and are in fact located miles away from you (there’s a lot of businesses like that on the internet so be careful). Such businesses aim to earn as much as possible and may even hire unqualified plumbers with no experience to perform the work due to a high demand. A local plumber will guarantee a quick arrival in case of an emergency and will perform the work honestly and reliably. Most local plumbers are highly qualified with a lot of experience and responsibility. When calling for a plumber to attend to an installation that uses gas then ALWAYS check their GAS SAFE LICENCE, if they refuse to show it to you then don’t let them inside your house as there is a high probability that they don’t have the right qualifications to perform such work. By doing this you will guarantee safety for yourself and your family. Choose only those plumbers who offer a guarantee on their work.

How to Choose Boiler kW

Condensing boilers have the highest efficiency. They are distinguished by the ability of condensation of steam, in the case of non-condensing boilers, steam is released, while consuming a lot of heating energy. This means that the temperature of the flue gas is from 115oC to 120oC. A condensing boilerwith a more innovative heat exchanger can cool the flue gas to a temperature of 30 ° C to 40 ° C. Due to the better use of energy from spent gas, its consumption decreases. In this way, you will pay less for gas – bills can be reduced by 15-20% using a condensing boiler, and compared to an open flue boiler can reduce bills by up to 20-30%

Boiler too small (kW)

Each boiler, including a condensation boiler, cannot operate on low power as heat will escape through walls, roof, and windows. As a result, during cold weather, it would not be able to heat the building enough. However, you can still find yourself in such situation as older houses are not energy efficient.

The problem of unheated buildings can sometimes occur in big houses if the heating device does not have enough power, or during fixing of new central heating installation some problems occurred and wrong pipe dimensions have been used. However, good windows, insulation of walls, floor, and roof play a bigger role.

It is best if the boiler power is determined by a heating engineer (gas engineer). A range of factors are undertaken, including the way of heating up water. Warning! If you have concerns about the reliability of the insulation, you can choose a condensing boiler with 10-20% surplus (which will not affect its efficiency).

Boiler  too big (kW)

Frequently, boilers are bought which have more power than necessary, especially in the case of combination boiler. While, for it to be able to supply at least 10L of hot water per minute, its power should not be below 20kW. If you require more hot water, then you can use a boiler of the power of 30kW or even 35kW. However, if you use a boiler with the power of 30kW-35kW while you house need 25kW, then after a short period of work it can give off enough heat to quickly heat up water and turn off. Thus, large temperature fluctuations can arise in the installation, and the building will be once too hot and once too cold.

If you want a small heating device which has more power, allowing more hot water, you should consider boilers with wide variations of power modulation. These can regulate the power from 20-109%, adjusting easily according to requirements. Such boiler can operate on low power, for example 5-7kW, in case of the need, you can easily increase the power in order to have enough hot water. Such operation of the boiler does not reduce its efficiency, so you should not worry. Though a condensing boiler can reach the highest efficiency.

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