While boiler repair can and will be available for you all year round, it certainly pays to be proactive when it comes to looking after your central heating. With the weather starting to get colder in the weeks and months to come, it’s high time we all started thinking about looking after our home boilers in order to make sure that we all have access to warmth throughout the winter and beyond.

With temperatures set to drop even further in the months to come, it is worthwhile getting your pipes prepared for the potential freeze set to wreak havoc across Romford and beyond. The main thing to remember with your pipes is to lag them well – with quality lagging to wrap them up warm. You should also consider keeping your central heating on, at least at a low level, on a constant basis during the cold snap. That goes for when you’re away, too. What’s more, you should certainly think about getting any drips and leaks patched before things start to freeze over.

This goes for your boiler, too. Instead of having to call out for last minute boiler repair in the thick of winter, consider asking a local boiler expert to help lag your external piping. Boiler breakdowns in the winter are largely caused by freezing pipework. That can count for internal and external piping, too.

However, if you’re not sure about what to do with regard to keeping your boiler warm and ticking over during the approaching winter snap, your local boiler repair team will be happy to help. Prevention is often better than the cure – why not call a boiler repair expert to learn more about ways in which you can stay protected against the cold snap?